About Me


I was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia - the second son to two migrant parents. We lived a relatively simple life and that instilled many of the principles I live by today.

More recently, I’ve developed a career working in IT as a presales engineer across many verticals and lots of products. Ranging in scope from backup & recovery, to security. For a complete run-down of my work history, checkout my linkedin. I’ve worked for some of the biggest tech companies (IBM) and some of the smallest (my own), and many things inbetween.

Outside of work, I enjoy anything with a physical element to it; be it soccer, running, cycling, swimming, etc. Pre kids I rode a lot and have a custom built road bike by a company (that no longer exists) out of Adelaide called Ciombola.

Now, my non-work time is spent cuddling, feeding, and playing with my two kids. I still play soccer, and am creating personal windows for swimming and cycling.

This blog is now an avenue for my creative side (I like writing), and also a place to throw things that need a home.